Music Production Fundamentals

The Goal of MPF1 is to educate audio professionals and aspiring music and sound engineers with practical skills that can be used immediately. This course focuses on real world applications of recording, mixing, and mastering music for commercial use.


  • Appropriate equipment set-up
  • Optimizing levels and settings for specific vocalists or applications
  • Stacking and layering vocals to enhance stereo field
  • Vocal editing, vocal alignment, and pitch correction
  • Levelling and pre master treatment
  • Mastering, taking the product to commercial standards
  • Client rapport and contract negotiations
  • Radio submission guidelines

This course is a 95% hands on experience in recording mixing and mastering, and 5% theory. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering process.  Finished product can be included on your demo reel.